Why The Internet Sucks

Because I’m chatting almost daily with Spanish people on different continents, I think about time zones more than I ever used to. Today I wanted to make sure I had the time right for a Skype with Guion, so at 7:18 AM Vancouver time, I tried this. I think it’s 9 hours difference, but since our daylight savings operate on a different schedule (actually it’s a little different [the date of the change varies] in each of Canada, Costa Rica, Spain and Uruguay), I am never certain. So:


WTF? I am pretty sure Spain isn’t 4 hours ahead, and it’s definitely not 4 hours and 11 minutes ahead. Nor is it 6 hours behind, let alone, 10 months behind (at least the last one has the decency to make it obvious that it’s confused). Let’s try a different search:



That’s better. And, to the Internet’s partial credit, this is the entry that comes up first with this particular search term. It’s too bad that a slightly different search yields a completely bogus result. But that’s the Internet for you!!!, amazing, extremely cool, with a titanic mountain of information about almost everything you can imagine… it’s just that, you can never trust any of it.


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