I love being surrounded by Spanish and I´m ever more enthusiastic about spending some time at a Spanish immersion school sometime in 2015.

On the other hand, apart from communication problems (of both the linguistic and technical variety), I have felt somewhat stressed on this trip about money. Not spending too much, but just having the proper form in the proper quantity at the necessary time.

In both Europe and Africa, between prepaid things, near ubiquitious acceptance of credit cards and working ATM machines, I have never worried about money much …

But on this trip I sure have. We brought $3,000 cash and I am very glad I did; I have spent way too much energy trying to conserve it (eg by paying with credit cards or finding ATMs). Both are difficult due to a combination of seemingly arbitrarily not working ATMs, people not keen on credit cards, and people who only want local currency …

Well, the latter is a fairly reasonable requirement (though I am pretty sure almost any business in Vancouver would take US$, and I was told that everywhere in Argentina would – this is not true, and less so in Brazil).

It´s also tricky to keep prices straight when all the pesos (reals in Brazil) differ in value so greatly.


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