Not all Latin American countries call their currency ‘peso’, but most do, including Chile. Of course, they are the same in name only. 10,000 Chilean pesos are worth about $20. I want to attach pictures but the hotel Internet blocks them. About Chile,

Population: 17m (half Canada)

GDP per capita: $23,000 (about 40% of Canada)

Weather today: cloudy, cool, Vancouverish. Santiago abuts the mountains and is about 50k from the coast, which is a big cruise/tourist port called Valparaiso. It seems slightly sketchier than Vancouver in that the hotel has security guards and you are repeatedly warned against taking unofficial taxis.

Arrival at 7 AM following 9 hours to Lima and 3 more to Santiago. We have a Holiday Inn for the day and we’ll probably take a hop-on bus around as we have the whole day here before our 8 PM flight to Buenos Aires.


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