I’m writing this from outside Portland, ME. We’re on our annual family RV trip, much shorter than usual (just over a week) due to my having burned most of my vacation in Africa. We are nonetheless squeezing in six states, not difficult in the Northeastern US were you can see three states in a day easily, as we did yesterday.

We took an unusual Phoenix connection on US Airways to Boston, leaving YVR AT 8:15 AM and arriving exactly 12 non-timezone adjusted hours later. We stayed Sat and Sun night in Quincy, a suburb of Boston about 15 minutes south of the airport.

Boston is really, really nice and YIL: (a) it is mostly artificial, ie. built on landfill; (b) average age is 31; (c) only 5 people got killed in the Boston Massacre, still sucks if you were one of them I guess; (c) 17people got killed when a giant molasses tank exploded in the early 1900’s; (d) Harvard and Yale were founded by the same guy (not entirely confident this one is true); (e)  the Boston duck tour is super hilarious and interesting, if you come here, you should do it!, (f) Boston is super infused with trees, which is always nice in a big American city.

On Monday morning we took a taci to Tyngsboro, an hour north, to pickup our RV. thence a two hour drive thru NH and to our KOA in Portland. It’s pleasant here but slightly cooler than Vancouver. Today is Tuesday and we’re off to Bar Harbor, another 2 hours north, To see John and Meaghan (former Broadridger).


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