OMG TD Waterhouse!

I was pretty impressed with, following my previous blog post, TD got in touch with me within minutes, offering to help (see comments).

I was not so impressed when their help turned out to consist of emailing me a PDF copy of … a blank application form. The very thing I was complaining about. At first I thought this was a mistake … but then it dawned on me … I think this is TD Standard Procedure!

So let’s recap. Opening a brokerage account is a super-painful process at the best of times, involving, literally, dozens of annoying questions. So TD developed this slick web app so you can type it all in.

And then … they make you print out a blank form and write it all in again by hand.

Let’s not forget: I am not closing an account, or complaining, or doing anything other than begging them to let me give them money. I am doing the very thing that TD invests zillions of dollars in trying to get me to do with endless ads and so forth. And at the last minute … they blow it, big time.

Un. Be. Lievable!!!


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