After our abbreviated camping and hiking in Canyonlands, we decided to spend a few days in Moab, Utah. Moab is a few miles from the entrance to the ‘main part’ of Canyonlands as well as another major National Park, Arches. It is one of those ultra-touristy towns spread across the US, like Wisconsin Dells and Pigeon Forge and Skagway, full of souvenir shops and rafting places, where the population in the summer is 10x the winter population. I liked Moab a lot, but I can’t fathom living somewhere like that!

Our major activity in Moab was rafting on the Colorado River. Here is our guide, Jeff, attempting to get us to shore at a windy spot. The river was, as usual, extremely cold and a little on the not-rapidy side, but it was a nice warm day with a good group, so I’m glad we did this. Jeff told a lot of really terrible jokes!

We stayed at the Super 8 in Moab. It was fairly busy but ny no means jam-packed…

Here’s John, I think this was at the Chevron/Subway in Green River, which was in between The Maze and Moab.

We spent a couple of hours each evening (x3, I think) in the bar playing pool. I found out John is quite a good pool player! I wish I was. Ben and I try to play once a week or so.

We spent a half-day in Arches NP, which surprisingly enough features lots of arches! This is the ‘main’ one, probably one of the most photographed hunks of rock in the world. It’s called ‘Delicate Arch’, and it is an easy half-hour hike from the parking lot. Lots of people here, but still quite tolerable.

Then it was time to head back to Salt Lake City, where I was to catch a plane back to Seattle/Vancouver. On the way we stayed overnight at this little State Park, the name of which escapes me.

That is the end of this trip. I hung around SLC for a few hours before catching my plane, but don’t have any meaningful pictures. SLC seems like an extremely attractive city. By the way, it is on a massive lake, the kind you can’t see one side of from the other. I saw it from the airplane but didn’t come across it on my brief wanderings through downtown.

Next year? Derek was talking about going to Iceland, but that seems a bit overly ambitious for us. Maybe a park in Canada…













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