I’m back from our annual RV adventure, another installment on the quest to visit all 50 states before Ben graduates high school (we are up to 28 now, IIRC. The remaining 22 fall into four clumps: AK,AR,MS,MO,LA,NB,IO,SD etc., WV/NC/DE,  CO/NM (we will go skiing sometime to hit those) and MA,ME,CT,DE (Summer 2012, maybe). Yes I know my numbers don’t quite add up).

Pictures to follow. Here are a few quick notes / comments:

1. I’ve only been to a few US National Parks but I’ve been to a few more Canadian ones and Yellowstone is truly awesome. It has lots of volcanic activity that is really unusual and you just don’t find a lot of that kind of thing in National Parks! It is really, really beautiful there; quite high, around 6000′ I think, nice and cool. It was not very crowded, either (I was worried about that).

2. I think Montana’s nickname ‘Big Sky Country’ is appropriate. There is something about how it’s topography lies kind of in between the high and hemmed in feeling mountains of BC and the flatness of SK, combined with its (usually) crystal blue skies and little puffy white clouds. Montana is also strikingly underpopulated; it has < 1 million people and the cities I saw (Missoula, Bozeman, larger by MT standards) felt much smaller than, say, Kelowna.

3. We went rafting (this has become a family tradition, more or less) on the YNP River. This was probably my most intense rafting experience to date; the water was extremely freezing and I spent a lot of that trip worried I’d end up in it, which thankfully I did not!

4. The original plan was to go to Jackson Hole but I realized that would entail excessive driving so we turned around at West Yellowstone, which is roughly at the NW tip of Wyoming.

Oops … gotta go … more later!


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