I’m back from the annual boys hiking trip jaunt, which this year was to Maine. Unfortunately we had some major weather issues which severely curtailed the amount of actual hiking, but it was fun to hang around with the boys nonetheless, and spend a few days in a new state. Here are a few pictures in no particular order.

Stratton, ME

After flying into Fredericton on Friday, we got up Saturday AM and drove 5 hours or so to Stratton, which is in a fairly remote part of Northwest Maine. Due to iffy weather we decided to stay in a cheap motel (really more like a hostel, but technically a motel) called the White Wolf Inn. This is the heart of downtown Stratton, a view from the balcony outside our room, where many a cold beverage was partaken of.

Maine is a bit like BC in that the South / Coastal areas are fairly dense with towns and highways, but after a hundred miles or so, it’s all wilderness with nothing much but logging roads. Of course, it lacks BC’s topographical grandeur, for the most part.

John and Meaghan's House

That’s John and the back of his house. I took this to document John’s impressive building of the deck behind him, the shed at the right edge of this picture, and application of the siding on the wall behind him. John is a talented guy, except when it comes to barbeque placement, hence the area of heat-warped siding you can see in his otherwise perfect wall.

On our way to Stratton we stopped at a ski hill called Sugarloaf, and took a chair lift ride up to the top. This is the view from the top, I think this is looking towards Mount Bigelow, which we hiked up the next day.

I was surprised to find a ski area in Maine, let alone one with 17 lifts like this one. It was not very high though, as you can see, we are well below the treeline here, and the peak was just above us.

Top of Mount Bigelow

The next day we hiked up Mt Bigelow, which turned out to be our only big hike of the trip. But it was a really big one, possibly our biggest single day hike ever, covering around 3,200 feet and 25k in around 8 hours of pretty solid hiking. The weather had turned by then and while we avoided rain, as you can see here, the view was non-existent.

Pretty Road in Baxter State Park

After Stratton and Mount Bigelow, we headed Northeast for Millinocket, ME and Baxter State Park. BSP is the home of Mount Katahdin, which is legendary amongst hard-core hikers as it is the northern terminus of the world-famous Appalachian Trail; a 2,178 mile long monster that takes between four and six months to complete. The southern terminus is in Spinger, GA and the trail penetrates, among others, ME, NH, VT, PA, VA, NC, GA. The toughest portion is, supposedly, SW ME and the longest is in VA. About 5,000 people per year attempt it, almost all northbound, and only about 10% make it.

Anyway, this is a rather lovely if I do say so myself picture taken as we drove into BSP, where we spent a few days with the intention of climbing up Katahdin. Unfortunately weather prevented us doing much here, so it was mostly hang around the campground.

Campsite at Baxter

At BSP we stayed in this lean-to in a state campground called Katahdin Stream. The lean-to ended up being a pretty good plan as it rained, off and on, pretty much the whole time. It was still fun to get away though, catch up on reading and play a ton of Yahtzee, of course 😉


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