Argh! I haven’t finished the last blog yet, and here I am off on another (much smaller) adventure.

I’m off for my annual boys hiking trip tomorrow. I’m meeting John (husband of Meaghan, former BR Technical Writer) in Fredericton, then we’re driving thru Maine to New Hampshire, whence we are exploring a bit of the Appalachian Trail.

So, I just checked in on AC via their web-check in thingie. I have only done this once or twice before, because typically you can’t do this to the US, which is mostly where I travel to. They have a new option to not print a boarding pass at all, but instead, email you a barcode which you can bring up on your iP* or BB and use that to get you through.

Now, on the one hand, I think this is kind of neat and I don’t have a problem with it really.

On the other hand, I would never use this. I can just see way too many things going wrong with it. Yeah, I could also lose my boarding pass or have it fail to be recognized for some reason. But I really don’t see the big benefit of not having to carry a single sheet of paper.

It seems to me like a classic case of automating things that don’t need to be automated. Like self-flushing toilets/urinals, etc.


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