After GA we headed into East Tennessee. I really didn’t have too much of a mental image of Tennessee, other than I think maybe ‘Deliverance’ took place here… oh well, anyway, East Tennessee contains Great Smoky National Park which was extremely attractive. Very, very foresty green everywhere and relatively small mountains compared to ours.

Coming into TN, you can kind of see here how there are super dense forests everywhere, carpeting low rolling hills.

We went rafting on this, the Pigeon River, and it was really fun, other than the SOB’s made us wait 1.5 hours for our pre-booked trip to start. Rafting is fun, its something everyone should do every few years.

This is Pigeon Forge, TN, which is one of the ultra-touristy towns that show up every now and then in the US, much like Niagara Falls in Canada. That’s a titanic replica in the background, which you can walk through for $25 each or something like that. Towns like this are full of junk like that, and The Tomkins Family just eats this kind of thing up! (Though we didn’t go on the Titanic, or do too much else here really other than attend a super-cheesy family comedy show).

Here’s Nashville, which we rushed through a bit to make up time we lost on the houseboat. In Nashville they were recovering from a major flood which saw much of downtown under 3′ of water just a few months prior, an event which didn’t seem to make much news impact in Canada.

We went on a “duck tour” in Nashville, which was a bit disappointing, but at least they let Ben drive the boat. I don’t have too much more to say about Nashville, I’m afraid!


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