We had a surprisingly nice visit to Louisville! It is the home of the Louisville Slugger, the bat used by 60% of MLB (pro baseball) players, and the company has a museum / tour thing that vastly exceeded my expectations. It included both a ‘how we make bats’ aspect, and a ‘cool stuff about baseball’ aspect. No pictures, though….

But here is Sam just before we got to the Slugger factory. By the way, you can’t see it here, but you know one thing I have noticed about virtually every city I have ever been to? If they have tall office buildings, 9 out of 10 of them have the name of a bank on top of them. Kind of depressing that companies that merely shuffle capital around occupy such a huge place in our world. Anyway;

We also went around this ‘Mega Cavern’ place under Louisville, an old limestone mine -cum- cold war nuclear fallout shelter which they turned into storage and a tourist attraction. It was actually really interesting.

Here’s Louisville from the bridge that connects KY to IN (Louisville is right on the border).

There are two Louisvilla KOA’s; (did I mention we are very loyal KOA customers? We stayed there 9 nights out of 10. KOA is a bit like the McDonalds of camping, very reliable, but much, much more varying in niceness than McDonalds) we bailed on the first one as we didn’t like our site and the bitch at the office refused to move us despite an abundance of empty sites. This is the second one which was actually worse, basically what we call a “parking lot KOA”. The only other KOA I have seen like this was Vegas – usually they are much closer to national park campgrounds. Plus, the pool, advertised to be on-site, was a 15 minute walk away at a local Holiday Inn. Well, at least they were nice.


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