Another new state! First order of business: find another amusement park, as had been amusement-park-less for well over a week. Luckily we found one in Bowling Green, home of the Corvette factory (sadly, closed to tours on weekends, when we were there).

Pretty lame go-kart track here, but hey, you can’t say no to go-karting!

Ben and I on their one and only, but surprisingly capable, wooden coaster. Confession: I don’t hugely like coasters, but I do like encouraging Ben’s wild side, so I do them a lot, and by now, I pretty much gotten over fear of just about any park ride. The only thing I really worry about now is the puke factor (not a factor on coasters, as long as you don’t go too many times in a row).

Most parks have some kind of entertainment and Beech Bend was no exception. Theirs was a family show where they did stuff like juggled wheelbarrows, ate fire, etc. It was very cheesy but kind of sweet how the Dad MC’d the whole thing and his kids, from 5 to about 18, performed.

After Beech Bend, we went on a cave tour. This sinkhole was on the way to the cave. Here we are listening to a spiel about how for years scientists thought this thing was hundreds of feet deep, but really its only 12′ or something like that. There is an extremely strong current at 12′ which sweeps anyone who goes that far down to a certain death. This spiel was delivered by a kid who looked like he should have been working at Taco Bell, but was actually extremely well spoken, interesting and witty. Nice.

Outside the cave. Ben looks a bit nervous here! This was a water cave, by the way; you went in by boat. I’ve been in lots of caves, but never on a boat!


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