Into Georgia

After Daytona Beach we drove up the coast to Savannah – near the border of Georgia and South Carolina. Hands up if when I say “Georgia” you immediately thought of “The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia”, corrupt sherriffs, innocent people killed by the state and not so innocent people killed by vigilante sisters. Anyway, it turns out, GA is a super attractive state. Not sure about the sherriffs though.

This is the view from much of the highway as you drive up the coast. I think these are called “salt marshes” but I’m not sure. They had several rickety looking cabins with rickety looking docks and boats attached.

Savannah has got to be one of the most attractive of all US cities, and I’m sure its one of the oldest. Besides all the civil war heritage stuff, it’s (IIRC) the third busiest port in the US. Here’s a picture near downtown.

I don’t know for sure but one gets the impression that Savannah genuinely looks like this all over – well maintained old buildings and huge trees dripping Spanish moss. We did a bus tour and a boat tour there, a bit of an exhausting day really, plus it was very hot.

After an overnight in Savannah, we continued up to Charleston, SC. Didn’t really see much of Charleston, other than we went around the aircraft carrier.

The campground there was super nice. I like this picture of Ben taken at the campground dock in Charleston (actually Mount Pleasant – a suburb to the North).


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