Yet another new state!

OK I confess, we went to another amusement park. Beech Bend was — well, not really a disappointment, but pretty country-bumpkiny, so we tried Holiday World, in Santa Claus, IN, a little out of our way but, as it turns out, mostly worth it. Here’s the entrance. Like most US parks, it also had a large water park.

Look at the size of the coaster in the background! Massive by any standard. This park actually had five coasters – that’s a lot for a small park in the middle of nowhere. Big problem though: there is a Six Flags nearby that had closed a few months prior, and as a result, Holiday World was insanely, ridiculously overcrowded. The worst, by far, I have ever seen.

Also, there was an absolutely torrential thunderstorm at around 2:00 PM and I seriously considered writing the day off. Luckily though, it scared many people away, and we had a great late afternoon before heading up to Indianapolis for the night. Memory of the drive: very low on gas, late at night praying we’d make it all the way to the campground. We did, running out of gas in an RV is a misadventure I have yet to experience.

Huge swaths of IN – and for that matter, KY and IL – look just like this. As my BIL Dave once commented, it seems the US, from Minnesota to Georgia, is basically a giant cornfield with the odd town and highway to break things up.

A very rare field of something other than corn – I’m not sure what that is, actually, but there was a fair amount of it, but nowhere near the amount of corn. I didn’t see any other crops. But I’m not exactly an agricultural engineer, either.

I had intentions of touring Indianapolis but we decided to take a rare “KOA day” and just, basically, hang out in the campground and by the pool. So that’s what we did!

As I mentioned earlier, Sam is very helpful, plus what 13 year old doesn’t love screwing around with fires?


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