After Atlanta we headed an hour north of the city to Lake Lanier, for what I correctly predicted would be the highlight of the trip – a three day houseboat jaunt. Actually, it turned into four, we took an extra day because it was so nice. We really didn’t do anything other than putter around for four days. I have always wanted to houseboat and really want to go again real soon! Here are some random pictures…

It looks big, huh? It was really 3x bigger than we needed, but they only had the one size. It included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full size hot tub and kitchen, air conditioning, and full electrical service.

There are dozens of little beaches like this one spread throughout the lake’s islands, and it is no problem to find one all to yourself. At night you just drive up onto the beach and you’re all set.

The control panel is not too intimidating and actually I never used any of this stuff except the starter and the fuel gauge. (I think we burned about $300 worth in 4 days, not bad since the generator was burning 24 hours a day).

Looking out over the lake on Night #2. That red thing in the background is a marker beacon which came in very handy for navigating as they correlate directly to the map.

Interior shot!

An uncommon moment of brotherly harmony, on the back deck.

We traced our trip around the lake onto the map that they gave us.

Sam loves, and is great at, helping out with things like setting up the RV and, as shown here, dealing with houseboat ropes and stuff like that.


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