After Myrtle Beach, we drove more or less directly West to Atlanta (very boring drive) which turned out to be nowhere near as scary as I had thought. Not scary at all actually, but then, we basically hung around the Olympic Park which they no doubt keep pretty crime-free.

Unfortunately I lost my camera this day so no pictures! We toured CNN’s world headquarters and the World of Coke – both of which were OK. Coke was a bit disappointing – their movie was geared to 3 year olds and on the way out they gave you one measly and tiny bottle of Coke as a souvenir. One interesting thing they had was a room with samples of dozens, maybe hundreds of Coke products from around the world.

Anyway, one of our most memorable memories of Atlanta was from the campground we stayed at, and a “tornado” that came through the night before we left…

Sam outside the campground. Looks OK so far! But at about 9 PM, we were sitting around playing cards when it started to rain a bit and get windy. So we went inside. 10 minutes later all hell broke loose. When it was done:

This trailer was parked right in front of us. To be clear, it was in 100% ship shape before the tree in the foreground fell onto it. Luckily nobody was inside!

This tree busted off before our very eyes. (This is the next morning).

This is the other RV that got whacked – parked beside us, separated by one space. These people were home and seemed quite upset about it all.

Before I leave Atlanta, one other thing which sadly I have no pictures of. On the East side of the city there is this huge Ayers rock like thing that’s quite the tourist attraction with a cable car going up it etc. It’s called Stone Mountain and it was pretty cool actually. A gigantic chunk of denuded rock rising up out of nowhere. I’m not sure of the scale relative to Ayers but it sure was big 😉


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