OK, I finally offloaded some pictures which I will start posting here over the next few days. Don’t worry if you find these boring… the main reason I do this is so I will have a permanent sort of trip record for the boys for when they are older (I am eventually going to print it all out etc.). Anyhow, here are some pics in loosely chronological order.

Sam's Grad 2010

Sam’s grad was actually the night before we left, but the whole thing was such a whirlwind of stress (in large part because I did the school slide show), I wanted to mention it here. This picture is the first time I have worn a tie in as long as I can remember.

We connected in Denver. I think its amusing how it is not at all uncommon to see Windows error messages on monitors in airports and other public facilities. It’s another sign of the overarching crappiness of computers, in my opinion. I mean, when’s the last time you looked at your phone and it gave you some weird ‘DHCP Lookup Failed’ message, or your TV randomly refused to show a channel? If your phone does this, it’s because its a VOIP phone and has a computer built into it. They never used to.

First picture of our home for the next month. This unit is identical to the ones we rented for the past three years. We are totally sold on Cruise America. They are unfailingly reliable and have a big enough network of locations that I am confident if we had major problems, such as we almost had in Atlanta, they would have been able to help.

We spent our first day here. If you’ve never experienced a major American theme park… well they don’t get much more major than this one. There are at least a half-dozen mammoth theme parks within a half hour drive of here. Nothing makes you realize how huge America is compared to Canada than coming here.

I’m sure theme parks aren’t for everyone and honestly, I have about had my fill of them, having been to California a couple of times as well. But we had a great day here. It is super expensive though – about $100 per person entry.

Makeup Show

This is from a ‘behind the scenes’ show at Universal. That knife is a stunt knife with an indent in it to look as if it’s really chopping. The guy holding it was incredibly funny and this was probably the most entertaining crappy theme park show I’ve ever been to.

Orlando Thunderstorm

Mid-afternoon there was the mother of all thunderstorms – rain was pouring down stairs and pooling massively all over the place. Little did we know, this set a precedent for almost every night of the trip – though most storms arrived after dark and only lasted a while. This one lasted until well into the night.

RV Setup

I’m sorry this is horizontal – it’s right on the rest of my PC. That’s WordPress for you. Anyway, this is Sam being his usual helpful and capable self, hooking us up. The white thing is the source of fresh water and the black thing is the source of power. Virtually everywhere, you have these services. You usually have a sewer hose, too, but that is somewhat optional.


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