Orlando, Continued

Second Day in Orlando, there are so many parks it was hard to decide but I settled on the slightly more informative Epcot, which features a Worlds Fair of sorts. Epcot is a relatively old park, I went here in around 1985, and it is an initialism of ‘Experimental Prototypical Community of Tomorrow’, a name which doesn’t really seem to suit it. Anyway, this was a good day with no weather problems.

Us in front of the world-famous (?) Epcot ‘golf ball’. It contains a ‘ride’ which slowly moves you through their version of technological history (stuff like how our communication systems evolved) and what the future will hold.

Bah, another misoriented picture! This is the Canada pavilion. Bear in mind folks, I betcha this pavilion is the sole source of information about our country for a huge number of Americans, most of which probably said ‘Canada? Is that in Ohio somewhere?’. Our pavilion (all the major countries had one) was the only one that made a concerted and I’d say successful effort to be funny. The presentation was pretty superficial though – basically just a big marketing video and nothing else much. By the way, I’m not sure how I feel about totem poles being the first thing Americans see when they ‘come to Canada’.

This is Ben doing a typical Ben thing, dancing in the middle of the pathway just to be a goof. Sam would never do something like this. Neither would I…

The next day we went to Kennedy Space Center, aka Cape Canaveral (KSC is actually one of several government installations at CC). This is the Saturn rocket launch control room – supposedly the real one, though I have my doubts. I have a bit of a control panel fetish. KSC is great if you are at all interested in space stuff. They have a bus tour that takes you around the various buildings and launch sites, and our narrator seemed genuinely deeply interested in the place and her job.

If I remember right, this is one of two launch pads that they use for the shuttle – which, by the way, is on its way out, last flight February 2011.

This is on our way to the Daytona raceway in Daytona Beach, FL. One of America’s least admirable qualities, IMO, is the way they constantly shove Christianity in your face. It is very noticeable especially as you get closer to the geographical centre of the country. I’m not sure, but I strongly suspect if I was holding a sign that said ‘Allah is the one true God’, or something like that, I’d be taken out behind the building and beaten to a pulp.

This was somewhere near the racetrack. I guess when you live in a country where firearm use is so openly encouraged, you need to keep these handy.

This is what a real stock car race looks like. You can’t tell from here but the stands felt absolutely massive, despite only covering about 1/5th of the track. The cars are clearly visible from a height, as shown here, but at ground level, they go by so fast you can’t really even tell what color they are. And the noise is absolutely incredible. Overall, this experience confirmed that car racing is almost without a doubt the world’s stupidest and least entertaining sport.

I really like the colors in this picture, which I took on our long way back to the parking lot. This was our last stop in Florida – next up, Georgia!


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