Polyphasic Sleep

If you have never heard of polyphasic sleep… and if you actually read this post… I predict, with 99% certainity, that you will shake your head in disbelief and make some mental comment like ‘why on earth would anyone do this’, or, ‘this is the stupidest idea ever’.  Everyone does. I don’t understand this.  It seems to me, the upside is so enormous, it’s at least worth looking into it.

There are many variations but as far as I can tell, the purest form of polyphasic sleep is called Uberman, and it requires that you sleep every 4 hours for 20 minutes. You have to follow this schedule religiously and never delay or miss a nap, or oversleep. And that’s it; you never sleep for 4,6,8 hours like a normal person. Just continuous naps forever.

The upside is, #1, you get somewhere around 6 additional awake hours. Can you imagine that? If I had 6 extra hours per day… wow, that would be awesome. I’d learn drums, guitar, a  bunch of new computer languages, maybe a human one, and get a few degrees along the way.

The other upside, #2, is that supposedly once you get over the initial pain (supposedly the first 10 days are awful but after that you feel great all the time and never even want to oversleep), you have much greater mental clarity. I know, I know, this is counterintuitive.

It sounds worth trying to me… maybe sometime this fall…


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