My sister who I guess shares (probably vastly exceeds) my thing for words added a comment about the ever important Plantation vs Farm debate.  So naturally, I Googled it. According to the Internet, there is no precise definition, and there are all sorts of random theories, but the predominant one seems to be: a very large farm.  Producing goods  intended for export rather than local consumption is another theme. By these definitions, of course, all of the cattle factories in Texas and, I imagine, most of SK would qualify. ‘Self contained’ and ‘relying on unskilled labour’ comes up sometimes as well.

Speaking of words, Ben has gotten into the habit of asking lots of kid questions. Sam never does this though overall I, well, think of him  as the more curious one. Anyway, a very common  Ben question is: ‘Who decided what words are for what? Why can’t we call boats forks, and forks boats?’ I almost always suggest that he looks it up on  Wikipedia. Sorry, Janet.

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