Wow, I have been combining real-PC blogging with iPad blogging and I am totally out of sync now, not sure what I’ve said where about what. Anyways, we’re back home now. Here are a couple brief thoughts on what happened since Chicago:

1. Great day in Sandusky, OH, where we went to Cedar Point – possibly the most famous roller coaster park in the world, and definitely the largest as measured by number of coasters (17). Ben and I went on the world-famous (seriously) Millenium Force.

2. Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh? Who conjurs up images of industrial devastation, smog, coal mines, etc.  Well, I’m sure there are areas of PA where that is true, but the part we went through – roughly the NW quadrant, from Cleveland to Pittsburgh – was 100% gorgeous. Kind of reminds me of what rural UK looks like in my memory. Green everywhere, little farms all over, rolling hills. Pittsburgh itself? One of the most attractive US cities ever, in my opinion. Seriously.

3.  Cleveland? Ugly in the outskirts, nice downtown. We visited the RRHOF and the Bodies exhibit. Of which more later.

4. We had a nightmare trip home. Well, I guess it could have been worse, but DAL cancelled our flight home 10 minutes before it was to leave,  and put us in a 2.5 hour long lineup (think of it –  standing in line longer than it takes to watch a long movie!), which eventually translated into a rerouted flight through Toronto and our missing our flight to Kelowna. Oh well.

I will be home tomorrow and I will post some pictures, which  I know will make this blog much more interesting 😉


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