Ugliest City?

I can hardly claim to have seen every US city, of course, but I have probably seen more than 99% of the world or even US population and on that basis I nominate Gary, IN as America’s ugliest city. Gary lies just outside Chicago where Illinois abuts Indiana, and as you drive into it Eastbound, the first thing you see is a large sewage plant with a ‘Welcome to Indiana!’ sign in very faded letters above settling ponds. That kind of sets the tone. It seems to be full of factories and when we accidentally drove thru it off the highway it seemed to otherwise consist of crack houses. Very ugly! Here’s a quick rundown of some other stuff:

Most Unattractive:
Gary, IN
Much of Northern AZ
Urban FL
Long Beach, CA
Between parks in UT
Interior SC
NYC, obviously
LA, outside the beaches

Most Attractive:
Parks in UT
Eastern TN
Most of GA
Eastern PA, including Pittsburgh

Boring But Not Especially Ugly:


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