When, we had a great 2.5 days in Chicago! Chicago is awesome. I had spent a few days here a few years ago at a conference but it was even nicer than I remembered. Tons to do, and much, much more appealing than, say, the similarly sized and externally scary sounding NYC. The main problem we had was a poor selection of campgrounds, 50 miles NW of the city which translates into about 2 hours of painful crawling thru extreme traffic passing ORD. This led us to ditch the RV, rent a car, and stay in a hotel downtown. Anyway, here’s what we did:

1. Went to a Cubs game. A lot different from watching the Canadians or even the MLB BJ’s game we saw in Toronto. Five or six out of the park home runs, a grand slam, tons of pitcher switching, several walks, a double play, an umpire altercation. All in all, awesome though the first 3 innings were dull.

2. Went to see Blue Man. I have always wanted to do this but in the past balked at the cost. It’s amazing what forking over $150 for gas every other day does to hour perspective. Anyway, Blue Man is totally, totally awesome, one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen. Kind of s combination mime and musical thing. Hilarious, and the live drumming was just unbelievable.

3. Double Decker bus tour around the city. Quirky fact: the largest single incident death count happened a in 1914 (IIRC) when a ferry was incorrectly overloaded with extra lifeboats in the a misguided attempt to learn from the Titanic’s errors. This made it top heavy, it flipped, and 800+ people drowned.

4. Up the Sears Tower, of course, which is now called Willis Tower. Oddly, they had the usual series of comparisons ton the Eiffel Tower, Petronas Towers, etc., but totally excluded our CN Tower. This seems to follow a general pattern of pretending or not realizing Canada exists. Almost every US business has the infuriating habit of asking form your zip code, and almost everyone when we said ‘we don’t have one, we are from Canada’ looked blank and repeated the question, I kept expecting them to ask, ‘what state is that in?’


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