Chicago Two

More stuff we did in Chicago:

1. So-called ‘extreme’ speedboat ride out into Lake Michigan.

2. Lame kids maze thing at Navy Pier.

3. Biking on their ‘seawall’. Awesome! It goes on forever and is nice and wide. Their seawall and beach situation really distinguishes Chicago from NYC. In my opinion.

4. Saw the CME, CBOT and CBOE. These are the worlds largest futures exchanges by far. Sadly they do not offer tours unless you ‘know somebody’ and their visitor centers are very lame. The CME had a big quote board facing the street where I learned:

a. Eurodollars, not S&P, are by far the most active contract. Eurodollars are basically interest rate futures and, confusingly, have nothing at all to do with the Euro.

b. Electronic trading outstrips human trading by about ten to one.

c. In a further diss to Canada, the CME displays the current quote for GBP and AUD, but not CAD. Honestly, it’s as if we don’t exist.

d. I’d you stand on the street and take a picture of the CME building, a security guard comes out and yells at you. Honestly, this seems totally insane, but what can you do?

5. Went to the Federal Reserve Visitor Center. Nice display all about their (apparently ineffective) role in controlling the economy and distributing currency.

At one point we stopped somewhere for Chicago style pizza which explains why Americans sometimes call pizza ‘pie’. Chicago style pizza is literally about an inch and a half thick and is kind of like lasagna on top of a pizza crust. Nice.


One response to “Chicago Two

  1. 4d: I wonder what the security guard did when the Google people were taking pictures of the building for their StreetView thing

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