Enroute Louisville

We’re on our way to Louisville, capital of Kentucky, on the northern border with Indiana and about 3 hours from Nashville. Enroute we stopped at a cute country amusement park in Bowling Green, whose claim to fame is it’s where the GM plant that makes Corvettes is. Sadly, they weren’t running tours today. The park was good though and included a super cheesy family circus act, a Dad with 3 sons and 3 daughters breathing fire and driving nails into his own skull and stuff. Awesome.

On our way out of town we took a cave boat tour. This part of the world is loaded with limestone and as a result has all sorts of cave systems. I think caves are kind of cool, it would be fun to be into exploring them. Our boat broke down which was a bit of a hassle but handled 100x better than those whitewater rafting jerks handled their problems. There is actually a national park here devoted to caves, unfortunately we will not be visiting it though.

I’m not too sure what there is to do in Louisville, there was a Six Flags there but it got shut down a few months ago.


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