Back to Dry Land

Well, Lake Lanier was so awesome that we ended up renting the houseboat for an extra day. It was vastly less busy on the lake midweek, and boy, that is one warm lake! In the same league as Lake Powell AZ, but much different surroundings (very fore sty). Argh, the iPad insists on autocorrecting a space into the word after ‘very’. Boy I hate it when computers do incorrect autocorrections!

Anyway we dropped the houseboat off this morning, paid our $500 gas bill, and now we are Northbound to Hartford, TN for a shortish whitewater rafting trip. Then it will be bait of a long haul to Nashvile where we will spend two nights.

GA is much much more picturesque than I imagined; in the North area it is all low rolling densely forested hills and cute little towns. The southeast was all wide rivers and marshes.


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