Takeout Taxi

A while ago there was a company in Vancouver called Takeout Taxi, the premise was they represented a bunch of restaurants and you could order food for delivery from them and presumably they took care of all the logistics on behalf of the zillions of restaurants, some of which wouldn’t have the delivery volume to make it worthwhile to do on their own. I’m not sure if they are still around or if they make any money, but this seems to me like a totally awesome business idea. All those pizza places must hate having to dick around with drivers and so on.

Likewise I still think Internet groceries are a great idea that has not yet been executed well enough to take off. Stongs has been doing it in Vancouver for a while but their scheduling was terrible, like they only delivered twice a week IIRC last time I checked. Plus their selection was missing several routine things for no apparent reason. Somebody needs to do this business right. The big problem is that nobody is willing to pay for someone else to walk around and pick stuff off shelves for them, because they are so used to doing it themselves.


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