State Madness

I bet nobody reading this other than my family (who knows these kinds of things inside and out) knows that:

1. The US started out, sort of, as 13 colonies, which today roughly correspond to various Eastern seaboard states including Maine, Virginia, and Georgia.

2. Florida was Spanish for a long time and Savannah came into being to protect the Northern British assets corm it.

3. New Jersey and Florida were both originally divided into East and West.

4. North and South Carolina were originally just ‘Carolina’.

5. New York was originally called New Amsterdam.

6. Abraham Lincoln didn’t say he would make the Southern states give up slaves. He just said he wouldn’t allow it to spread.

7. He was assassinated a very short time, like a week, after end of the Civil War.

8. The Civil War lasted a bit under 3 years, killed 620,000, and was the first ‘modern war’ (eg. significant use of various kinds of machinery).


One response to “State Madness

  1. Hi Guys! sounds lie an awesome trip!

    As for the “Greg challenge”

    1. knew it
    2. knew it
    3. knew abt Fla, not NJ though
    4. knew it
    5. knew it
    6. knew it
    7. didn’t know it
    8. knew most of it – not the total casualties though.

    how’d I do? 🙂

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