Arrived here in South Atlanta last night after 11, after being sent on our second GPS wild goose chase of the trip. I truly love GPS’s, but like most digital gadgets, you have to be prepared for them to completely screw up every now and then. The last time was in Daytona Beach when they sent us to some guys back yard, claiming it to be a Wal-Mart.

We stopped at Pizza Hut enroute and they had a high school football game on TV, presented very similar to a pro sports game. High school! They sure are into football down here. Does anyone even know if UBC or the U of T or whatever has any nationally (or even municipally) well known sports teams? Not that I know of. And I don’t think anyone in Canada talks about sports scholarships the way they seem to here.

We also stopped for gas at a shell in what seemed to be a residential area far from the highway, very dark, staffed by an angry seeming Mexican fellow and everyone there was black. At the risk of sounding racist I have to admit to feeling a bit conspicuous and nervous. Nothing says vulnerable tourist like a giant RV with rental stickers all over the side……


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