I am catching up from nuked blog posts.

On our way out of Florida we went to the Coke Zero 400, a stock car (NASCAR) race. Now, on a scale of one to ten, ten being baseball and one being things like cock fighting and running if the bulls, the measure being how desirable and honorable I think the sport is, I would rate any kind of car racing a bug fat zero. But I figured neither I nor the boys are ever likely to be in Daytona Beach again, so what the hell. Plus it was cheap.

Well first of all, there were an incredibly huge number of people and the crowd factor made a Canucks game seem like a neighbourhood baseball game. The parking lot must have had ten thousand cars in it, and there were a series of shuttles and buses and overpasses. It was all flawless though.

Well it was raining again (very common in Florida, it seems) and you absolutely cannot race cars on wet Tarmac. Who knew! So we waited __two hours__ while they dried the track with a fleet of 12 pickups with jet engines, I mean REAL jet engines, bolted to the back. When the race finally started, the speed did not seem that extreme from the 11th row, but up close, try went by so fast (about 320 km/h) that you couldn’t make out the color of the car let alone any other details. It was also insanely noisy. Most people wore ear protectors.

At this point if my Mom is reading this she is saying “oh it sounds dreadful!” and it kind of was. But an interesting experience 😉

A couple of other things. In the extended pre-race show they spent a ton of time honoring various military heroes. That’s another big CA-USA difference. When in Canada does anyone ever mention the military? Rememberance Day, maybe. Also on the way inti the stadium we had to run a gauntlet of insane right wing Christian fundamentalist types who were loudly proclaiming about how Jesus died for our sins etc. Fun.


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