Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach is a lot like Waikiki; high-rise hotels everywhere, miles of white sand, busy beach, tons and tons of beachwear shops and all-you-can eat buffets and literally at least a dozen mini golf courses (and the brochure says, 100+ real golf courses). Ben and I played pitch and putt in the morning, then we took a helicopter ride (it was so cheap I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take Sam up a helicopter), then jet ski and banana boat on the ocean.

In the PM we went to Cirque de Soleil which was just fantastic. It is kind of one third circus acrobatics, one third kind of dancing stuff and one third comedy. The whole thing is perfectly choreographed and incredibly well done. I have wanted to see CDS for a while but it is prohibitively expensive in Vancouver. Down here, all four of us cost less than a single ticket back home.

We will be in our way back inland today enroute Atlanta.


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