I’m afraid my (this) blog has become hopelessly jumbled due to the flakiness of my Internet access here on the road, and, the crappiness of the WordPress iPad application, Oh well.

We woke up this morning at one of the nicest KOA’s yet; in Mount Pleasant, a suburb of Charleston SC. I think it was on the grounds of a plantation (which engendered a discussion of the difference between a plantation and a farm, and whether plantation is still a widely used term). A quick game of ping pong, walk around the lake (there are a great number of unswimmable lakes here, complete with dire warnings about alligators and venomous snakes), and we were off to Patriots Point, where the Yorktown, a WW2 aircraft carrier is docked. I can’t resist an aircraft carrier tour (this one was pretty good, similar to the Intrepid in NYC; the one in San Diego is by far the best).

Then a super awesome stop at Sullivans Island, which is Charleston’s beach area. Amazingly warm water, nice white sand, not at all busy. Gorgeous houses. It would be great to rent a beachfront place here sometime. Now we’re off to Myrtle Beach, which will be our northernmost coastal stop.


One response to “Charleston

  1. Hey Gregory and co., glad to see you’re travel-blogging again and I’m sure that our beloved mother is taking great pleasure in your electronic challenges with the new-fangled iPad.
    On the question of plantation vs farm, here are some typically pedantic observations: I’d think that there is a significant overlap but plantation has some nuances of meaning. First, it can also mean settlement or colony (e.g., Plymouth Plantation where the Mayflower colonists arrived). Secondly, as a form of “farm” they are typically large whereas “farms” themselves can be “a variety of sizes. Thirdly, plantations are typically fairly heavily treed. Finally, and most importantly, plantations usually involve resident labour (historically, read slave labour).

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