Blog Trouble

Argh! I have been trying to be a loyal iPad user on this trip and while the iPad rocks for reading, it’s marginal for any non-trivial amount of typing. Much worse, WordPress (the blogging service this blog is on) requires you to install an app (the web browser version is absolutely unusable due to some strange choice of editor controls on WP’s part)! and while said app is free, it is totally awful. It just nuked my draft posts about our Orlando stay, and our stops at Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach. Sigh. Technology sucks.

Ben just doused the campfire and in the process got ash all over the iPad and when I wiped it off it also deleted a bug chunk of retyped text. Grr again.

Quick summary of pre-Savannah: Universal, Epcot, Cape Canaveral, Daytona Beach NASCAR, bad weather in Florida, Eclipse, relatively little driving, RV park grief, horror makeup show, simpsons ride, rocket ride.


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