Woke up this morning at a really nice KOA 20 miles south of Savannah, which is itself in the northernmost tip of Georgia – South Carolina is on the other side of the Savannah river, though it is misleading; Georgia is sort of wedge shaped and Atlanta is considerably north of here. So we transited Georgia in under two hours. From the highway, it gives the impression of being far, far less populous than Florida, and consisting largely of Forrest Gump style marshes, complete with rickety looking wood docks.

Anyhow, Savannah is gorgeous – loaded with those massive oak trees dripping Spanish moss, like you see in movies. It must have one of the highest ratios of trees to population of anywhere. It’s also replete with 1800 era buildings, which they call ‘antebellum’, that’s Latin for ‘before the war’. We did a hop-on hop-off trolley tour and then a river boat tour, which is typical for us. It’s 3:30 and we’re off, headed for Mount Pleasant (approximately Charleston, I think) SC.

A couple random facts: Savannah today is the fourth busiest port in the US, after New York, Long Beach and San Diego. It seems to contain the oldest of a ton of things (eg. public school in GA, etc etc). It was the original state capital. It’s original purpose was military, to protect the bustling SC from the Spanish in St Augustine (Florida – oldest city in the US).


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