RV Pickup

Today was get ready to RV day. After sleeping in till 11 and a quick iHop stop, we headed off to Cruise America, which turned out to be a good half hour away, for an uneventful pickup. I really like Cruise America; they have never let us down (this is our fifth year of RV’ing, fourth with them).

So it turns out that iPod chargers don’t work with iPads and since I am rely on the iPad for a w things we had to track down an Apple store, in some mall in suburban Orlando. it was the busiest store I have ever seen … at least 200 people crammed into a store the size of an average Shoppers. They have this weird super-annoying way of paying whereby you have to flag down a guy wandering the floor. Probably works great if there aren’t dozens of people milling around for every Apple employee, but in that situation an old fashioned cashier line might work better.

I turned autocapitalization off but it it still randomly auto capitalizing. Grrrrr!!!

In the PM we went to a murder mystery comedy dinner theater thing which was kind of marginal b all right. Big storm, heavy rain. It is quite hot here – like most places other than BC, one finds oneself jumping from one air conditioned respite to another.

Off to Universal this morning – they have two parks here and we’re having a hard time deciding which one to go to! A new Harry Potter section just opened and that is supposedly very busy. we will probably by head-of-the-line passes which are expensive but likely worth it.


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