It’s a couple more months later and I’ve decided to post here about our trip to the Mayan Riviera.

This is my fourth (I think) time to Mexico, second with kids, and first to the “Caribbean side”. That side is supposed to be superior and I would say that is basically true, though not to any great extent and it’s hard to judge from only two places (my three previous trips to Mexico were all to Puerto Vallarta). Every time I go to Mexico I like it approximately twice as much as the time previous; so this time was wonderful. We spent six days there in one of those massive all-inclusive resorts, however, we only spent 2.5 days in the resort, the other 4 we spent on various excursions which I will describe a little bit here.

Here are a few random and mostly trivial observations about the trip and Mexico:

1. Two thumbs up for Air Transat, again. I was a bit worried they might go belly-up enroute but they were efficient, on time, clean and friendly.

2. Our resort seemed to be dominated by Canadians, in terms of when they asked people where they were from and so on, as those perky resort social director type people are always doing.

3. Despite #2, it seemed that hardly anyone spoke English, obviously the Mexicans didn’t (at least not very well) but neither did most people who looked Canadian.

4. Everybody smokes !! Yuck.

5. Our resort was practically deserted for the first few days, but on December 1 the tide turned and it was fairly busy by the time we left.

Our flight down left at 1:30 AM (ugh) and arrived at 9:30. The Mayan Riviera is an area about 2 hours south of Cancun, but it took more like 3.5 hours with hotel dropoffs and so on. We (barely) made the lunch buffet! If you’ve ever witnessed the splendor of a Caribbean resort all-you-can-eat buffet, this is cause for celebration 😉

My and Sam's current reading project. Lots of reading on this trip!

My and Sam's current reading project. Lots of reading on this trip!

The first 1.5 days (Friday afternoon and Saturday) were “hang around the resort days”, with a cheesy Michael Jackson show on Friday night and a so-so circus show on Saturday night.


Above is a picture of the beach at the resort. I find the Mexican beaches nice enough but nowhere near as nice as Maui. Those big whale-like things are artificial rocks wrapped in fabric for kids to play around on.


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