Two Months Later

It’s been two months since I posted here, but my sister just asked me if this blog was still accessible, and lo and behold, it is! So I thought I’d post here just to see if the Seagrave-McDermid clan are reading or not. If you are… MW09, buddy!

it’s been an eventful two months since we got back from the CCT. Canada re-elected its Prime Minister (thank God), BC by-elected two NDP’ers (how could they! What are people thinking?), and the US is about to elect a black guy. Oh yeah, and the global financial system has suffered its biggest crisis since 1929. Actually, I think by some measures it is worse than 1929. The value of my not-inconsiderable stock portfolio is about half what it was when we flew home from Calgary. I never thought I’d see that happen. Oh well. It’s time to buy more, that’s for sure!


2 responses to “Two Months Later

  1. holy asleep at the wheel batman.

    i de-bookmarked this a while ago because the sound of crickets was bugging me. You are so lactose-intolerant in your efforts to see if I am paying attention.

    gunning for MW09. wahoo.


  2. So what does MW stand for? Mount Woosy? We all know that your little group adventures are nothing more than yatzee marathons in sleazy motels with ice in a bathroom sink acting as your cooler.

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