We’re REALLY Home Now!

We’re finally back in North Vancouver, 7+ weeks later. Our house is still intact. It is a lovely day here, and the guy who we got to mow the lawn did a stellar job, everything looks great. Nice to come home to.

We acquired a dog on the way home. Her name is Taffy, and she’s a Golden Retriever. I hate the name, but she is incredibly attractive and well behaved, so I am kind of liking this whole dog idea. (It wasn’t spur of the moment by any means. Actually, we acquired her weeks ago and got someone to take care of her in between her last owner leaving and us coming back).

I forgot to say something about Calgary. When we drove from Edmonton to Calaway Park, CP is about 10K West of downtown, and we kind of skirted the northwestern quadrant of the city. It is very odd, unlike anything I saw in any of the other Canadian cities. It was like one massive gated community housing development; you know the kind, big walls, houses all very similar, hardly any trees, no parks or even stores to be seen. And it just went ON and ON and ON and ON. There were signs directing you to “New Communities”, which I guess is what they are. I hated them.

When we went downtown the next day, we found various “normal looking” neighbourhoods, and downtown Calgary is perfectly adequate.

I have a vague memory of hearing something about Calgary – fastest growing city in Canada, or most poorly designed, or most tedious to get from downtown to the suburbs, or some combination of these things.


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