At some point on the trip, probably in the middle of a tedious drive, I told Sam and Ben how gun-oriented Texas is. For some reason, they have latched onto this. I just overheard Sam discussing possible new teachers with his friend Joey and he said, “Mrs X is evil! If she was from Texas, she’d shoot you for forgetting to do your homework!”. They are forever saying this sort of thing.

And Ben, he has a thing about coming up with goofy expressions. He has been doing this for years now. The latest one is “lactose intolerant”, as in, he will walk up to you barely containing his laughter, and say “Hey Dad! You’re lactose intolerant!”

Another big topic on this trip has been my total hatred for Jim Carrey. So Ben suggested that it would be good if Jim Carrey were lactose intolerant, and we could arrange for him to be dropped in a huge vat of milk. I think this is a great idea!


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