Homeward Bound

It’s Wednesday and we’re home. We got up around 6 today, did a bunch of final cleaning, drove to Cruise America and dropped off the RV. Total mileage: 8,918 kilometres. Total damage and cleaning charges: $30. I didn’t know you were expected to clean the OUTSIDE of the vehicle too, and this seems like an unreasonable requirement for such a large vehicle. Oh well.

9 checked bags, 7 carry-ons, $75 in excess baggage charges, and we’re on our way to Kelowna, a smooth trip back home (almost).

Thanks for the people who read this blog (about 10 of you) and especially the ones who did so faithfully (three, I think, you know who you are). I apologize for the lack of pictures in recent posts, but I remain very Internet-limited up here in Vernon.

I have to confess: a few days before we left, I was having VERY cold feet. Thoughts were running through my mind, key among them, “I wonder if Cruise America will give us a refund if we are forced to return the RV early because Sam and Ben are killing each other”, and of course, “two months!, oh God, what was I thinking?”.

The truth is, this trip has surpassed my wildest pre-jitters expectations. Apart from spending way too much money, it’s been very close to flawless. I am so grateful to Sam and Ben for their enthusiasm and energy, 95%+ of the time, throughout this trip. I hope you look back on it fondly in years to come.


One response to “Homeward Bound

  1. Congratulations for making it back home! I am surprised that your cleaning and damage charges is only $30… I don’t know how you’d clean a RV either without special equipment (maybe all you need is a hose and a ladder). You certainly cannot take that thing to a gas station car wash.

    I guess I’ll be seeing you next week?

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