Kananaskis Country

Ben and I got up early today for a 1-hour horseback ride out of the Banff Springs Hotel. For me, horseback riding is one of those things that is fun to do once every year or two, so I’m set til 2010 now.

Then the whole crew (that is, us and the party-of-five Conzettis) headed to Nakoda Lodge, about 50K East of Banff, for a whitewater trip. This was a lot of fun but it must be said, the whitewater was a LOT less white (that is, exciting) than they were in Montreal, though the actual river-run portion was somewhat longer. The water was also vastly colder; everyone went in it except me (luckily!), not due to a capsize, but more-or-less intentionally. The whitewater people were great, though only one of them, as far as I could tell, was actually Canadian.

The whitewater trip took up all of the afternoon and afterwards we just headed back to our ugly campground for games and stuff.

Whitewater is fun enough that (note to self!) I think we should try to find a local overnight one next summer, somewhere. Clearly we are ready for “class 4” as the last two “class 2-3” ones were pretty tame, even to someone as cold-water-averse as I.


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