Back to the Flat

We got up today at around 9 and left in a bit of a panic to make it to the 10:00 boat tour on Lake Minnewanka. LM is the largest lake in Banff National Park, and the only one on which motorboats are allowed. The tour itself was reminiscent of both the Maligne Lake tour in Banff, and the Western Brook Pond tour in Newfoundland; somewhat less scenic than both. We did however have an incredibly chirpy and enthusiastic guide doing the spiel (her name was Kayla and she seemed like on of those early-20-year-olds who live from paycheque to paycheque and alternate work days with partying and hiking. Doesn’t it sound great? I hope Sam and Ben do something like that when they are that age.

After the tour, we hung out by the lake for an hour or so; the water was predictably extremely cold, so no swimming. Now we’re on our way to Edmonton, about 410K north-east. I’m sad to be leaving the mountains!

A couple of interesting things about Lake Minnewanka. There is a small but complete submerged town near the dam that forms the lake; it was flooded intentionally so as to build a power dam. The dam was mooted for decades before it finally got built under the War Measures Act, during which the Parks Act (which prevents things like building hydro dams in parks) was suspended. Sounds a bit like something George Bush would pull!


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