RV Fire

Friday we stopped off in Medicine Hat for a little while; MH claims to be the sunniest City in Canada, but I elect it to be the windiest city in Canada that I have ever driven out of, so much so I was thinking about stopping for a while to let things settle down. I guess piloting 300 square feet of wind-catching aluminum didn’t help. I felt scared going over 70 K.

Before leaving MH we stopped in at a little man-made lake, apparently the only outdoor swimming in the area, for a couple of hours. It was called Echo Dale, or something similar, and I knew about it because a guy had drowned there the day before and it was in the local paper. It was about 6′ deep at the middle and maybe 50 feet across, so however this guy drowned, he must not have had all of his faculties together.

We ended up for the night at Tillebrook Provincial Park, a really nice park about 80 K from MH. It was just campsites, nothing besides, but really nice like I said. We had a bit of an RV stress experience there when smoke started coming out from under the hood and… well, it seems to have turned out all right, so I won’t go into the details. A nice big (camp) fire, some Skip-Bo, Yahtzee, and Set, then bed.


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