Fun in Drumheller

We all slept in a LOT today on account of the somewhat late night before; and then hung around the campground, chasing rabbits, playing catch, swimming (we are right on the Red Deer River, and its a bit chilly, but the pool is OK) until 2:00 or so, when we finally worked up the movitation to go do some tourist stuff.

This consisted of climbing the giant dinosaur (this sounds like a euphemism for taking drugs but actually there is 90′ T-Rex in Drumheller) and go-karting (never go-kart with Michael and Cameron. They are maniacs).

Then back to the campground for more hanging around with the Conveys. Hanging around with the Conveys is a lot of fun.

Before I forget, I wanted to mention, driving from Swift Current to Drumheller, you are surrounded by evidence of Alberta’s energy-centric economy; oil pumps, natural gas wells, gas collection stations, small refineries (I guess) and signage for such big stock-market names as Encana, Penn-West, Husky, NewAlta, etc. I am curious as to how all this works (how long do most pumps operate before they have to be moved? How do they negotiate access to the land with the farmer who presumably owns all the surrounding crops? How to they collect all the oil they pump and get it to the refineries?)

Similarly as we drove thru SK I was wondering how farming works – how long does grain sit in the elevator for? what do grain farmers do all winter? can they plant the same fields over and over? do they switch crops very often?


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