Dog River

We left Indian Head this morning bound for Swift Current, about 300 KM west, and decided to take a small (50 K) detour via Rouleau, which is directly south of Regina. This caused us to mostly bypass Regina. From the TCH, it looked a bit bigger than I expected, with some tall buildings. I’m afraid that’s it for my impressions of Regina!

Rouleau is famous as the real-life Dog River of Corner Gas fame. (For those of you who don’t know what Corner Gas is – Mom! – it’s a popular TV sitcom). The town is truly tiny and the eponymous gas station is right where you’d expect it, with the Ruby right beside it. The gas station interior looks just like the show, but the interior of the Ruby is just a shell. And it’s not a real gas station; they built it for the show. The police station, Foo Mart, and Oscar and Emma’s house are all right there, along with Hank’s truck, Lacy’s car, the police cruiser, and Brent’s K-car. Apparently the remainder of the show, eg. the interior of the Ruby, is filmed in Regina, so it really is an all-Canadian show. They film from May to September.

There were friendly security guards hanging around (passing out “thanks for visiting!” postcards, and some movie-star trucks but nobody else. In “downtown”, all of the buildings are “real” but the Foo Mart is really a chiropractor, and the police station is a Corner Gas knick-knack shop.

Stopped for lunch in Moosejaw, about which I can think of nothing to comment besides “funny name”. We pulled into Swift Current very early, around 4:00, quickly discovered the total lack of touristy things to do, and headed to Wal-Mart for another supply run (yes, we do that a lot!).


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