Mother of all Malls

The Mall of America in Minneapolis bills itself as the “nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex”. I guess that means West Edmonton Mall is still king, and fortunately, at least the owners of MOA still consider Canada to be a separate nation. Anyway, MOA doesn’t feel as large as WEM, because it is basically a big three storey high circle; whereas WEM is, to my recollection, all spread out and meandering and just seems to go on forever.

We spent a lot more time at MOA than I expected because we had booked a bus tour of the Twin Cities, but unfortunately missed it due to difficult parking conditions. MOA is not a very interesting mall; mostly clothing stores, as expected. The only cool thing of note was a store devoted to the Flight Simulator experience, with miniature simulator machines available for $30 per half hour. Unfortunately Sam didn’t want to try these.

MOA also has a mid-sized amusement park in the middle of the building, and Ben and I went on a very unusual ride called Sponge Bob’s Rock Bottom Plunge, featuring a 90% ascent and descent of 60 feet or so. Not bad for a junky mall ride! And lastly there is an aquarium here with one of those tunnels through the water with sharks swimming around you. I am not that big on aquariums.

At around 3PM we pulled out and headed to Fargo, about 400 KM North West. Minnesota, or at least the interstate, seems quite a bit more tree-ed than Wisconsin, and not as many farms. I did read that they have 79,000 farms here though. Just not on the interstate, I guess.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention an extremely positive experience we had at a place we went to get the RV oil changed, Can-Am RV in Minneapolis. The owner literally saw us coming up the driveway and ran out to ask us how he could help. They pulled an RV they were working on out of the bay so as to change our oil right away. All for a $74 sale. Really quite incredible, and a rare example of non-zombie non-apathetic customer service here in the American Midwest.


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