Minneapolis is one of those dual-city places, the other half being St. Paul, which is the capital. It’s located a few miles East of the border with Wisconsin, and we pulled in in the late evening following a 375KM or so drive up from Wisconsin Dells. It seems like a pretty city, very spread out, but honestly, we didn’t see too much of it.

The first day we hit yet another amusement park: Valleyfair, which is apparently owned by the same folks as Canada’s Wonderland, and very, very similar; slightly smaller, fairly well treed. It’s best feature: almost no lineups compared to CW. We were here from 11:30 AM to closing at 10 PM, and going the whole time. Here are a few things we did:

1. The Wild Thing, signature ride, very similar to The Behemoth and The Goliath. Later in the day some kid told us there had been an accident on it last year where it “fell off the track” and 4 people had been “seriously injured”. I googled this later and found this to be true though it was more like 16 people and there were only “slightly injured” (no doubt the VF PR Department at work. Decapitation? No big deal, just stop by the first aid station on your way out).

2. The Renegade, a very, very intense wooden coaster, hard not to scream the whole time!

3. The Excalibur, a wimpy steel-on-wood ride that was almost vacant for obvious reasons, the whole thing including the lineup lasted less than a minute.

4. The African Acrobat show. Man, those guys have strong arms!

5. The Chipper Lowell comedy-magic show. The cell phone magnet, the kid laughing behind us, the “card named Max”, etc.

6. Steel Venom. Intense !!! Unusual, too. U-shaped, and you go back and forth, higher and higher up the arms of the U. Super scary!

7. Go-karting. I think this was Ben’s first solo Go-Kart ride. Quite a milestone for the little fellow.

VF also has a decent water park which we partook of. It’s a lot smaller than Noah’s Ark, but nice for a break. This was the only place where there was a discouragingly long lineup – for Hurricane Falls, a 4-person raft ride. There was also a cool Raging Rapids ride that I’ve never seen before.

At closing they shot off a bunch of fireworks about 50′ from the end of our RV – fairly impressive for crappy theme park daily fireworks.


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