USA Observations

Here’s some really, really pointless stuff I’ve noticed on our little detour into the USA:

1. Gas is so much cheaper, I see why people bother crossing the border to get it! I’m not sure how it exactly works out but filling up the RV Monster the other day was about $75 cheaper, assuming USD = CAD which is approximately true. USA = $3.85 / gallon, CAN = around $1.40 / litre.

2. Wisconsin seems to have an extreme lack of creativity when it comes to naming their roads. Many of them are assigned letters, as in, “Turn left on AA, follow it to F, then take a right on W”.

3. Addresses (at least rural ones) have letters in them, as in, “I live at N1234 H Street”. I think the N denotes North as I’ve only seen N’s and S’s, but this could be a coincidence.

4. Every rural address has what would appear to be a state-issued (and therefore consistent from house to house) address display thingie stuck at the end of their driveway.  This makes spotting addresses much easier than in Canada, though I am surprised that the Americans haven’t taken up arms against this obvious violation of their right to bear any old address thingamajig they please, including ones where the digits are formed by flamethrowers.

5. Wisconsin is extremely, extremely anal about, of all things, firewood. There are signs everywhere warning of dire consequences if you bring your own firewood, as opposed to buying from whatever park you happen to be in. Again, I am surprised Wisconsinonians (?) tolerate this sort of government intervention. (Then again, this is the country where someone successfully banned lawn darts, so you can trade AK47 fire with your neighbours but not lawn dart fire).

6. The water parks here almost never have rides that let you slide down on your butt. You virtually always go down on a tube, quite often with 2 or 3 other people. This is a good idea.

7. The staff at most touristy businesses here, KOA excepted, seem much grumpier than they did in Canada. I know these are crappy jobs, so I guess I can understand it…

Everything we’ve been to here in the USA and Canada has been much less busy than one might expect, half-full parking lots, etc., presumably due to high gas prices and the generally pessimistic state of the economy.


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