Another State

Today we went pontoon boating again, this time on the Wisconsin River, in the so-called Upper Dells. (I’m not 100% sure what a “dell” is. Isn’t it a field kind of thing, like “farmer in the dell”? Maybe the farmer was actually taking a swim, because “dells” here seems to mean rivers bounded by cool looking cliffs). We stopped for a swim at a little isolated beach and this was really nice though the water was a bit murky.

The funny thing about this place was, the marina was gigantic, with at least 100 jet-skis and pontoon boats for rent, and 99% of it not being used on a hot late-July day (this in itself isn’t funny because this has been consistent everywhere). The funny part is, the area accessible to boats was about half the size of Cultus Lake, and if all those boats were out at once, it would have been a very busy little patch of water indeed.

After that we stopped at “Extreme World” for go-karting (lame!), paintball target shooting, and alligator feeding. None of these were worth commenting on except maybe for the gigantic snakes on display at the alligator place, the bodies of some of them must have been about a foot in circumference. A quick stop at a horribly dirty Denny’s and we were on our way, about 350 KM to Minneapolis-St Paul in Minnesota.


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