Green Water

Today we departed Fond Du Lac a day early (this is the first and likely only change to the official Greg Tomkins Trip Plan) so that we could spend some time at Wisconsin Dells. Though it’s only 100 KM away, this took most of the afternoon on account of stops, a large detour detour around a wrecked bridge, and just because it always does.

On the way we stopped at Lake Winnebago which both Fond du Lac and Oshkosh more or less sit on the shore of. (I have no idea of the connection, if any, with the RV manufacturer, but it’s a catchy name, don’t you think?). We were hoping to rent a boat but it was too choppy so we continued West to Green Lake (not to be confused with Green Bay the body of water, which is a huge bay off the West side of Lake Michigan, or Green Bay the City, which is a large city at the tip of Green Bay the body of water), a much smaller lake (but still good-sized), where we rented a pontoon boat, Jet Skis, and swam for a few hours.

Airborne Sam

Airborne Sam

Thumbs up for pontoon boats! Wow, they are great. Paul, if you are reading this, how fast do you think we can trade in the Bayliner for a pontoon boat?!? Do you think we could swing an even trade… ?!?!?!? No really, they are super comfortable and spacious, very stable, and reasonably fast to boot.

Jet skiing was pretty bumpy but that’s all part of the fun and the lake was so warm we couldn’t stop swimming. But eventually we tore ourselves away and finished the trip to Wisconsin Dells, which is now the southernmost extremity of this little adventure. We arrived around 7 PM, I think. More on WD later tomorrow.


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